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For 10 years, Hearing Central has been shaking up the hearing aid industry with the modern design of medical-grade, affordable hearing aids that are sold online, direct to consumers. These revolutionary hearing aids are designed to help the millions of people around the world with hearing loss, who otherwise cannot afford – or do not wish to pay – the much higher cost of traditional aids.

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Open Fit Melody A1 Hearing Aids <br>for Mild Hearing Loss
Open Fit Melody A1 Hearing Aids
for Mild Hearing Loss
Average Rating 5 Review(s)
Your Price: $495.00
Open Fit Melody A2 Hearing Aids <br>for Moderate Hearing Loss
Open Fit Melody A2 Hearing Aids
for Moderate Hearing Loss
Average Rating 12 Review(s)
Your Price: $695.00
Open Fit Melody A3 Hearing Aids <br>for Severe Hearing Loss
Open Fit Melody A3 Hearing Aids
for Severe Hearing Loss
Average Rating 10 Review(s)
Your Price: $895.00
Receiver in Canal MyRIC 2 Hearing Aids <br>for Mild Hearing Loss
Receiver in Canal MyRIC 2 Hearing Aids
for Mild Hearing Loss
Average Rating 3 Review(s)
Your Price: $595.00
Receiver in Canal MyRIC 4 Hearing Aids <br>for Moderate Hearing Loss
Receiver in Canal MyRIC 4 Hearing Aids
for Moderate Hearing Loss
Average Rating 4 Review(s)
Your Price: $795.00
Receiver in Canal MyRIC 6 Hearing Aids <br>for Severe Hearing Loss
Receiver in Canal MyRIC 6 Hearing Aids
for Severe Hearing Loss
Average Rating 4 Review(s)
Your Price: $995.00

Why Buy a Hearing Aid Online?

Most major hearing aid manufacturers sell their hearing aids through licensed audiologists or dispensers. However, some manufacturers are beginning to sell their products through mail order, Internet, and mass merchant channels. This means if you choose to purchase a brand name hearing aid from an audiologists expect to pay at least $1500 for the cheapest one. If you need hearing aids in both ears, expect to pay at least $3,000 for a pair. However, there are some audiologists who sell brand name hearing aids online, usually at a 10% - 15% discount. You can expect to pay between $1,250- $1800 for each brand name hearing aid ordered online. Mass merchants are now selling hearing aids between $1,000 and $1,500.

Some Internet websites are also manufacturing their own hearing aids with the same quality and the exact same electronic components of the major brands. Some of these digital hearing aids can be purchased for between $200 and $1000 from the Internet. Note: there are a number of Internet sites selling hearing aids for less than $100, some for less than $50. These are analog ones, usually imported from China and have the same electronics in them as those sold in the US about 15 years ago. They are cheap and loud (lot's of noise), but if you are desperate and have little money, these also might be an option.


Hearing Aids Costs and Hearing Aids Prices

How much can you expect to pay for a hearing aid? What is the difference in hearing aid prices? There are three main sources from which you can get hearing aids. There are the traditional hearing aid storefronts, either owned by a hearing aid chain or owned by one or more audiologists. Examples of hearing aid chains in the USA are: Amplifon who owns the Miracle-Ear, Sonus, HearPO and Elite hearing network; William Demant Corporation who owns the Oticon and Bernafon brands; Seimens who also owns Rexton; Phonak who also owns Interton; and lastly, GN Resound who manufacturers also for Beltone stores. You can expect to pay top prices in these various stores - anywhere from about $1,800 per hearing aid for a bare-bones model and over $4,000 for a hearing aid with all the bells and whistles.

The second source from which to purchase a hearing aid is from an independent local audiologist or hearing aid dispenser. These professionals may carry one or more of the major brands listed above. Hearing aid costs and prices from these vendors will cost as much as from the chains, and probably a little more because they do not have the advantage of volume sales to negotiate lower prices. Be prepared to pay between $2,000 to over $4,000 for the hearing aids. Some audiologists and hearing aid dispensers are now selling name brand hearing aids online at reduced hearing aid prices from the storefronts - expect to pay up to 20% less for name brand ones, but remember, you won't get the hand-holding and support you would with a local dealer. Also in this category are mass merchants such as Walmart who purchase in volume and sell at prices between $1,000 and $1,500 in their stores, and cheaper hearing aids online between $450 and $700. You will also get minimum support from these sources.

The last group of sellers of hearing aids are those who manufacture their own hearing aids and sell them directly to consumers. Vendors in this category are America Hears, and the owners of this website, Hearing Central LLC. Hearing aids prices from these vendors usually range from about $300 to $1,200. In our case, our prices are less that $1,000 each for the most advanced hearing aid, and if you have an audiogram (hearing test) from an audiologists and you feel comfortable purchasing online, send us the audiogram by fax (888-823-0717) or email and we'll custom program your hearing aid purchase for you.


Hearing Aids - Save Time, Money, and Your Hearing

Here at Hearing Aids Central we know that coping with hearing loss, at any level, can be a difficult and confusing time for you and your loved ones.

We strive to make your hearing aid learning and purchasing experience pleasurable, economical and hassle free. For over a decade Hearing Aids Central has been providing hearing-impaired customers with the best quality products and customer service at wholesale prices.

We offer a wide selection of top-of-the-line 100% American made BTE-open fit hearing aids, in-ear digital hearing aids and hearing aid accessories at rock-bottom prices, at least 75% less than our competitors. We provide you with a variety of hearing aids that will improve your hearing at any level of impairment and offer the lowest prices without sacrificing the quality of our products. What sets us apart from other hearing aid providers?

  • None of our hearing aids require a mold. Save yourself the time and discomfort of an office visit and sitting for an ear molding.
  • All of our products are 100% American Made and approved by the FDA.
  • Order online for hassle free purchasing and fast delivery.
  • Save at least 75% on all hearing aids and accessories.
  • 90 Day Hassle-Free Return Policy, with Free return shipping

We offer a standard 12-month warranty and also an extended warranty for an addiitonal $100. Not sure if you're suffering from hearing loss? Take a moment to complete our online Hearing Test and find out what, if any, level of hearing impairment may be affecting you. Want to avoid the time and expense of a doctor's visit? We offer a selection of hearing aids for your hearing loss curves. Electronically sign a waiver statement declining the medical evaluation and we'll ship your products right away.

No matter your individual needs, Hearing Aids Central can help you achieve better hearing with excellent customer service, top quality products and the lowest prices available.

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